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£40 1 hour session  
£40 1 hour session  


I would like this form of treatment to be accessible to all and it is for this reason that I try to keep my charges as low as possible.
I am registered with the Craniosacral Association and have worked as a Craniosacral therapist since 2007. I have undertaken a number of post graduate trainings including two run by Karlton Terry (lead in pre and perinatal psychology). I work as a table assistant for the Institute of Craniosacral Studies on their two year training and also assist on courses run by Graham Kennedy.
I truly believe and respect this work and the possibilities it offers, I hope my enthusiasm and passion is reflected by my charges.

How many sessions will I need?

This is difficult to answer and depends on why you are coming to see me. As a rule I ask for a commitment of a minimum of three sessions, two of these should be a week apart. It normally takes more than one session to allow the restrictions and holding patterns to release and/or soften. In an ideal world once the initial holding patterns have released I would then recommend a treatment after a month and then as milestones are met or every 3 months. The aim being that any residual restrictions remain soft and do not cause the body to compensate thus causing other holding patterns.

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