What to expect after treatment

After a treatment it is common to feel tired and a little “spacey” or “not quite with it”. It is wise to listen to your body at this time and try and give yourself some space to allow your body to adjust to the changes made during the treatment session. 

Going for a run immediately after a treatment is probably unwise and it is recommended that plenty of water is drunk to flush any toxins through your system. 

It is common for the treatment to carry on for a while even after the session has ended. 


Although Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle treatment the effects can be powerful. Most people feel relaxed after a session but others may notice general aches and pains with headaches being quite common or an awareness of a strong emotional feeling. This occurs as the body begins to rebalance. These sensations normally dissipate after a couple of hours but can last a couple of days. 


It is not uncommon to notice an initial worsening of symptoms before they get better. This happens as the body adjusts towards a more healthy state. If this happens try to take some quite time purely for yourself and drink plenty of water. The symptoms should not last long and if you are at all concerned please contact me.