Breastfeeding support

I qualified as an IBCLC lactation consultant ten years ago, over this time I have worked both in private practise and for the NHS working with all aspects of breastfeeding. My specialist areas are working with families  that are experience difficulties with breastfeeding in the first few months. As a divider of tongue ties within the NHS I also have an interest in how tongue ties can effect breastfeeding but also how they can be falsely blamed for feeding difficulties.

I am very passionate about supporting families to achieve their feeding goal and aware this goal will be very individual and take many forms.

Breastfeeding difficulties can be complex whilst some problems are obvious within the first couple of days after birth, others can creep in over time or occur as a result of a change of routine.
Having experienced feeding  challenges myself I am aware of some of the emotions involved but also know with support often these challenges can be overcome.

I have modified the way I support breastfeeding over the years and now use the knowledge and experience I have gained from all aspects of my working career to help inform me when taking a history and observing a feed.

An appointment can be booked for either 60 or 90 minutes, dependant on the situation and will involve taking a detailed feeding history, observe a feed and make a plan taking the needs of the family into consideration. Typically during a session I would advise on positioning and attachment, discuss ways of protecting/ regulating the milk supply and discuss exercises that may help.
If referral is required to other professionals including tongue tie dividers, paediatric physio etc this will be discussed at the time.

Appointments are generally conducted within my workspace in Lasham.